Our Services

MARS Technologies offers a full range of systems integration services including:

  • Automation Consultation ‑ MARS Technologies personnel will examine the operations of your firm and perform a needs analysis to identify areas in which automation may have a substantial impact on productivity, revenue, and expense reduction.
  • Network Design ‑ MARS Technologies personnel design both local and wide area networks integrating PCs, into cohesive networks. MARS Technologies incorporates advanced features into the network design to ensure high reliability and performance under all operating conditions. MARS Technologies can also integrate your firm’s network with the internet cloud in order take advantage of the benefits of cloud computing.
  • Applications Software Selection ‑ Capitalizing on the business backgrounds of staff members, MARS Technologies will advise and assist in the selection of systems and software to increase the benefit of the network to your firm. Software selection includes unique application software developed for your type of firm, general purpose productivity software, and Software as a Service (SaaS) in the internet cloud that will benefit you.
  • Installation ‑ MARS Technologies personnel will install all hardware and software necessary to support your productivity requirements.
  • Training ‑ MARS Technologies will tailor a training program for your staff to ensure familiarity with the new system.
  • End‑User Support ‑ MARS Technologies will provide on‑site, remote,  and telephone support for end‑users to assist with questions and problem resolution.
  • Network Management ‑ MARS Technologies personnel will assume any level of support including full network management responsibilities if required by the client. We do not stop after the installation. As new products enter the marketplace, we will make recommendations for products that may benefit the network operation.
  • Product Evaluation ‑ MARS Technologies constantly evaluates new hardware and software products for clients to determine if these products hold potential for productivity gains and enhancement of your business.
  • Maintenance – MARS Technologies will provide maintenance for network components, client workstation and other computing equipment.